Wednesday, May 27, 2009

to begin again from the beginning

I've decided to start another (perhaps less confusing) blog in the hopes that having a forum to channel things might allow me to break free of my extensive writers block. I was thinking that where I tend to go wrong with other blogs is that I take myself too seriously, and instead of becoming a place to post anything, it becomes a trap of a history of drunken ranting. Most of which, it seems, makes me uncomfortable to even share, or at worst prevents me from breaking from that schema. I'd rather like this blog to be a place I can talk about anything, or post anything that I find interesting or amusing or infuriating. So with that said:

What the fuck is wrong with you California??? You've now officially become less progressive than Iowa! That alone should shame you into some degree of guilt. My question is, why is it that as a culture we seem to move so slowly in the face of progressive equality? People seemingly with no involvement seem to take reigns over issues that effect them in virtually no way, and yet claim some deep concern over the implications of the issue. Straight christians make the argument that "marriage" is a religious institution, and because of this it should be defined as a union between a man and a woman as dictated by their religious texts. This argumentation is along the same lines as was used to prevent woman from being viewed as equals to men, or blacks as being equal to whites. I can't imagine God in the same way if this line of thinking is what "he" wants. It seems like the darkest roads of society are at best paved by the justifications of christian "righteousness", and if God is only righteous through these veins, then I can't revere anything remotely associated with him, on the contrary, I'm forced to disagree and despise God.

The direction of the United States seems to me to be progressively more confusing and increasingly more disturbing. I'm left with little to no recourse in how to understand or involve myself in changing things. We elect a black president, and then turn around and fight against homosexuals. I don't mean to suggest that every issue is on some universal line of acceptance or that there aren't historical reasons why something like this can occur. It's just unfathomable to me that as a country we're involved in a sort perpetual dance of stepping forward and then stepping back. My only conceivable reasoning as to why this is so, is that religion as a whole seeks to pull humanity backwards, so with each movement there is a backlash by way of the hands of religion gripping to status quo. The whole process though in many ways makes me feel increasingly helpless. Because the grip of religion is too vast and too engrained to war against, too many people believe too strongly, and too few people believe the contrary.

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