Thursday, August 20, 2009

two feet planted form a tree

Well I'm back from my trek to Montana for my grandmothers memorial and subsequent family reunion. It was insanely interesting to meet my mom's side of the family. I'm still sort of trying to sort out how exactly I feel about it all. I can't quite compose my thoughts yet, it's strange to go from feeling quite alone, or rather, disconnected from any extended family to seeing how all the pieces fit. It was most intriguing to make sense of parts of who I am, who my sister is, and who my mom is from who my family is. I'll likely explain this more when I can muster the composure to understand the feeling in context, but nevertheless, it was really great, albeit exhausting.

Bea is moving back to Tucson this weekend, and I'll have a nonstop work week with the start of classes next Monday. So, I'm hoping I'll have the time soon to rest and think on everything. We shall see.

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