Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Axioms; Or, how now brown cow at 25

I realize this won't matter, and nothing never minded when tested.

It's better to pretend; lying is only ever an admission of why it's important to form imaginary friends as a networked force against reality.

I tell people I'm an atheist mostly for their reaction. It's best, however when they ask me to explain, and I tell them what I mean is I don't believe in Christians.

Questions like 'how many angels can you fit on the head of a pin?' assume far too much about the size of said pin.

"I'll forget about this;" and with most, so will their failures.

Great curtains could have hemmed themselves in that moment you
in earnest stopped looking.

With promises form imaginary friends, as though we'll all but form pillars in looking back.

As for where it ends?

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