Monday, November 9, 2009

among the living again

Well I'm nearly entirely recovered from my bout of h1n1. It was likely the sickest I've been since I was a child. Even after my fever broke, I was laid up in bed for about four days. The sinus pressure that forced its way into my cranium after the worst of it has also pretty well left me. So suffice it to say I'm feeling quite good to have any modicum of energy back. I'm hoping that I don't have any relapse in the near future, and that this flu will be the extent of my sickness this winter. I am now in a bit of a pinch financially having missed a week of work. My dad fronted me some cash to cover some of the loss, but I'll still need to put in some extra hours so that I don't fall behind on any bills.

I'm thinking I might attempt to write tonight, but I'd like to have a few drinks if I do, and I've been trying to take it easy until I'm a hundred percent sure all the bugs are out of my system. So... I may have to put it off until later this week. Oh well... we'll see how I'm feeling after my shift is over.

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  1. Ah I'm so glad to hear your doing better! I know how you felt, it rough. I have been dieing to do some art, but I will have to heal a bit more.