Wednesday, March 3, 2010

onward and...

I've been thinking more and more about where to go next, and it's getting me nowhere fast. I think I need to start looking into some schools again... perhaps it will inspire me.

I've been considering Western Washington University again because Beatriz' brother Frank has applied and is planning on moving up to Bellingham. It was a pretty sweet town seemingly similar to Prescott in that it balanced old with new fairly nicely. On the one hand this sort of place would be familiar but on the other I'm under the impression that familiarity may not be the best thing for me in regard to smaller cities/towns. The other possibility is the potential for Bea to get into a Teach for America sort of situation, which would be an incredible opportunity and possibly decide for us a destination. All in all, I think what makes this sort of thinking difficult is that I could care less where I end up so long as it has a decent amount of culture, and a decent variety of schools.

Really I'm just becoming impatient to get back into school full time... I'm in desperate need of both structure and intellectual stimulation. Lately, I've been helping Bea do some research for a paper on Francis Bacon, and it's reminded me of how good researching feels... if only I had the discipline to research things without a deadline.


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