Thursday, September 9, 2010

writhing insatiable or a matter of twists without patience

Bea and I have finally settled in our new place.. we're awaiting the deposit check from Pierce.. I'll feel a great deal better once I can have my savings back underneath me. The realization however that I've finally positioned myself to make a more drastic move is settling in. The feeling isn't as comfortable as I imagined it might be, I feel restless and impatient for something.. anything at all to happen. I want a complete change in perspective and the prospect of waiting until spring doesn't sit well in my stomach.

I'll post some pictures and perhaps a video of our new place, it's nice and obscure enough to be quite comfortable. The reliability however of remaining there is in question as there is rumors of foreclosure.

My mom conspired to surprise me with an early birthday present of a new BBQ grill, it was perfect timing as Bea and I had a house warming/labor day potluck this last Sunday. It looks great in our little porch area we've set up. I'll post pictures this weekend to give a better idea of what I mean.

I've planted some carrots and some squash in a small bed along the porch, they're doing quite well. Beatriz has been taking photos of them everyday to track their progressive growth. I see if I can't make a gif and post it on here.

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