Thursday, April 1, 2010

idle hearts

I think I may attempt to Frankenstein a computer out of the myriad bits I have laying about. I'd like to build a primitive media pc for the my new television. I'm falling behind on some of my shows mostly because I haven't worked out a way to watch them in the living room... something about sitting in front of a computer detracts from my ability to relax and enjoy what I'm watching. I'll have to see what sort of inputs I have to work with. It's a project at least. Something to take my mind off of things.

I noticed this morning that my beans have begun to sprout pods, quite rapidly too. It's impressive to me that I've actually grown food... I'm hesitant to eat any of it though... it's like eating my children in a way. I realize of course that with most of what I'm growing, eating it won't actually kill the plant. But, something just feels off about it, perhaps it's also because I enjoy watching them grow so much, that I'd like for them to continue.

I found quite a lovely grooveshark station via reddit the other day. Have a listen to it here. It's composed of the most beautiful songs as suggested by reddit users.

I'm hoping to force some productivity into my life starting with this weekend. I'd like to go on the search for a couch for the living room so that I can finally move the futon into my study. If I can't find anything, I'd like to at least get things a bit more organized.


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