Thursday, June 18, 2009

calorie counting

I'm quite thrilled that it's Thursday, my work week is over! I still haven't quite adjusted to working earlier in the day and desperately need to sleep in. I'm exhausted for some reason. I figure it's the wii fit that's to blame. I've been sticking to my regiment of exercise and caloric restriction. So far I haven't lost a terribly large amount of weight, but I feel much better, and the yoga has really be helping me feel more comfortable in my skin. I figure that the more muscles in my body get stronger, the less my body feels uncomfortable in virtually every task. So far the crux to this endeavor is alcohol.... I very much like to drink, and very much enjoy drinking beer when I do. That poses quite a problem, the beer I most often drink is rolling rock, mostly because it's cheap, but I rather like the smooth sweet mildness of it as well. However, one bottle of rolling rock has roughly 132 calories, the recommended calorie intake for my goal weight is roughly 1400 calories a day. On an average night of drinking, I typically consume 7 or 8 bottles of rolling rock, meaning roughly 924 to 1056 or 3/4 of the recommended amount just in drinking. So far today, I've had three yogurts and two bananas, equaling roughly 500 calories. That fairly well means that if I drink, I break my recommended caloric intake. Oh well... I just hope all of this pays off.

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