Thursday, June 25, 2009

hantavirus, or: how I learned to fear breathing

The weekend is almost here, hoorahh and yay and so forth. I'm exhausted. Keeping up with calorie restriction, and nightly exercise has been making for something of an aggravated attitude as of late. I had hoped I'd be feeling better along the way as a result of exercise and so forth, however I haven't really... I've just been feeling sore and tired. I feel there must be something wrong with how I'm going about my endeavors; attempting too much in too little time. I'm not quite sure how to remedy it however.

I'm supposed play cthulhu tonight, that should be quite fun, I just hope I have the energy to stay up late enough. I haven't been getting a terribly great quantity of anything resembling quality sleep. I've been restless and my exhaustion is being carried with me from day to day. I hope I feel better by tomorrow, there's quite a bit I'd like to get accomplished this weekend. Lately we've been facing the problem of mice in the house again. The animals have done a fairly cruel but efficient job of dispatching them... however I know there are more within the walls and cupboards. I'd like to clean everything this weekend and attempt to mouseproof wherever they may be living or gaining access to the house. The problem is more mentally unnerving than otherwise, as I can't escape from imagining that every peice of food, or every dish or glass is at best contaminated, and at worse contagious. Either how, it's been really discouraging and depressing.


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