Wednesday, July 8, 2009

a dream for a dream

So I've spoken with Mike further about trading my motorcycles for his piano, I'm comfortable with this on so many levels that I feel like I won't have any regrets. The trade is fairly well equivalent in regard to condition, value and spirit. I'm really quite stoked to get her home and be able to zone out thumping away out of tune and out of mind. I'm sad that the prospect of zipping around town on my motorcycle isn't likely, but I think it will be quite inspirational to have a piano available to me again. It's wonderfully out of tune and beautifully ancient. I'm think that I'll leave the tuning/string work to a professional, however the woodwork I can likely handle myself. I think when I get it into the house I'll give it a good sanding, and then choose a dark or cherry stain to bring out the wood grain. Eeeep! I'm excited! Well, Mike seems pretty intent on making the exchange happen this weekend, so hopefully we'll be able to round up enough guys either Friday or Saturday and haul it over. It's a short trip, so hopefully nothing will go wrong in the move.

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