Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So last night I received a normal bmi score from the wii fit! It was quite an encouraging sight to behold, I've felt much better as of late, but the visual gratification of being deemed 'normal' at anything was quite satisfying. It's a strange thing psychologically to realize that it took a video game to get me to succeed at giving a damn about exercising. I'll beat you wii fit! Mark my words, I'll win at your devilish games!

On to other news; I've been working on implementing a php/mysql server at work to communicate with my inventory database. It's been simultaneously interesting and incredibly frustrating. I left my computer locked over the weekend to preserve my work in it's delicate state in hopes of getting started exactly where I left off come Monday morning. Low and behold however, my computer was carelessly power cycled by one of my colleagues. Suffice it to say, last weeks work was either gone completely, or severely corrupted. I spent the better half of this week attempting to fix things, and then finally decided to start again from scratch. Although it was quite infuriating to have felt as though I wasted my time, in the end I was better off for having to redo everything because I have a much better grasp on what all it was I had done to begin with. It's taught me a great deal about server administration and it's been quite inspiring in regard to personal aspirations for creating a website. I'm thinking I might take a class on web design or php/html coding. I could likely get work to pay for it, and might be able to find it taught online, meaning I could take the class during work. It's always infinitely more satisfying to take classes when you're paid to be in them.

Beatriz is going to Tucson this weekend, so I'll have the weekend to myself. I'm thinking I'll try to snag some movies from the share and ship in the netflix so I can vedge out and watch movies. I've been notoriously bad at keeping my netflix for months at a time, so hopefully if I mail them tomorrow I'll get new ones in by this weekend.

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  1. I want a Wii fit so much...and its not sad that video games made you do it. My tattoo artist told me that she has been using the Wii fit and that her character looks so sad when she fails:)