Thursday, December 24, 2009

Any other eve.

I'm getting pretty excited for tomorrow, mostly to see the reaction of people to the gifts I've chosen. I find that the older I get the more the holidays become about the joy of giving, rather than the excitement of what I might get. I think this is coupled by the realization that I have to get rid of so many of belongings in order to move onto to wherever it is that next place will be. Belongings at this point in my life are a bit like tiny anchors, the more I have the more I feel stuck where I am by them. So receiving more items as gifts can be a bit overwhelming. My mom is apparently in the same place as me, and has developed a great way to overcome it. She is giving things she's treasured away to others who will treasure them as well. I'm quite interested to see what she's chosen for me.

Christmas day should be pretty intense. My family goes all out in regard to Christmas dinner, and we'll be having more guests over than usual. My Cousin Timon and his wife Hillary, and his son, our adopted family Dick and Martha and Ben.. I say adopted because at some point family friend isn't adequate enough to describe the relationship. I'm extremely excited to see everyone and hope that the night is as wonderful as it usually is.

We still have a few errands left to get accomplished today, so hopefully the malls are not complete madhouses... although I'm sure they will be. I hate the atmosphere of the consumer craze that goes on in this season, but it seems a necessary evil to tolerate in order to provide some excitement for the people you love.

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