Friday, December 18, 2009


Bea and I got into Atlanta last night. The airport is insane, and the city itself is huge. Kirstin lives in a very cute house seemingly in the suburbs. It's very comfortable, and decorated and organized in a very chill manner. Her pets are also quite adorable, Zoe as always is a dork and thinks she's a human. Her other dog Blondie, I've nicknamed smiley. He seems permanently happy and like a ragdoll of a pup. Very loving both of them. Kirstin also has two beautiful cats, Rufus and Miko. Miko is inquisitive and reminds me of Kerouac, Rufus is more his own cat and seems to care less whether anyone new is in his home.

Rufus eating his salad:

The other chitlins:

Bea and I met up with my dad last night and had some dinner at a restaurant called Leons. It was a really great place. Great beers, and good food. I had the Terrapin Hopsecutioner; quite tasty.

Today, it's raining and pretty miserable out so the plan is we'll head to the aquarium and spend the day wandering its halls. I'm pretty stoked for it, it is apparently the largest aquarium in the world. I'll film here or there and maybe puts some videos up here in the next couple of days. After the aquarium we're supposed to eat at Gladys Knights restaurant which I'm quite stoked about. Yum yum yum.

My dad is leaving Sunday, and as the plan remains we're supposed to head off toward Boston that evening.

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