Friday, December 11, 2009

Holiday trip

So much to do, so little time in which to do it. Next Thursday Bea and I are flying out of Phoenix to rendezvous with Kirstin and my Dad in Atlanta. We're going to spend a few days touring Atlanta and spending some quality time with Pops. Then we're driving from Atlanta to Boston to spend Christmas with my Mom. It's going to be crazy and fun and crazy... so I'm certainly looking forward to the whole thing... I just feel very unprepared. I finished most of my shopping, but there's a few other *surprises* for people I haven't quite gotten wrapped up. I am looking forward to a bit of a road trip too. It's going to be a great opportunity to catch up with my sister. I really hope we don't run into any wintry weather. I'll have to check the forecast and see if I can get an idea.

Atlanta should certainly be interesting. I've heard my share of good and bad, either how though it'll be interesting to see where my sister is living. I'm extremely excited to check out Gladys Knight's chicken and waffle restaurant; ( It sounds incredible.

I'm stoked to be in Boston for a bit too, there's quite a few things I'd like to check out and do while I'm there. Not the least of which is seeing the beach... Being landlocked was never my idea of good time, and I miss the ocean fiercely.

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  1. wow sounds so fun! hope you have a safe and adventurous trip.