Thursday, December 24, 2009

Neighbors in the basement.

My mom's house is an old colonial that's been modified into two separate living areas. For years she's told me about the bizarre neighbors and tonight I finally met them. Beatriz was ironing a table clothe for my mom in the basement, which is not separate from the adjoining basement. I was attempting to play the violin and noticed all of a sudden in the darkness of a figure standing staring at us. I stopped playing suddenly and she stumbled out toward us awkwardly. She asked us what we were doing and Bea told her ironing, she was visibly out of it... drunk or high or who knows what... and just stood there oddly staring at us. She didn't really say anything else so I started to put away the violin thinking it had bothered her, after I did there was about a minute more of her just standing there staring at us before I asked her what she was up to, and she didn't really respond coherently, seemingly concerned at the strangers in the basement and unable to come up with words in her stupor. Then the light on her side came on and her boyfriend?/room mate? came down in similarly inebriated state and sort of stood by her side staring at us. Thankfully my mom came down to get something and dealt with them a bit... and they left us. It was odd to say the least, and really only confirmed my fear of the dark corners in basements. Beware, there may be someone watching you from the shadows.

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