Monday, December 28, 2009

Morning of the last full day here

I'm up late, can't quite sleep... it's only 11:00pm my time and 1:00am here... today was pretty chill. We went to the garment district which when I knew it was a thrift store where you could find a pretty cheap deal on vintage or 'punk' clothing. It still has the clothes per pound section which is great... but it's really mostly woman's clothes and most of the things I was interested in were quite expensive. I found a wool hat in my style, but I'll need to wear it in before it's comfortable.

I realized today that I lost my lighter I bought in Atlanta. This sort of thing happens all too regularly.. anything I'm happy about seems short lived or lost. It was not meant to be I suppose.

We had a lobster dinner tonight courtesy of myself and a rabbi.. hopefully he doesn't find out.. I'm not sure he'd be happy. Either way it wasn't quite as spectacular as I remembered it as a kid.. but nothing ever is. Very good nonetheless..

We're supposed to get up fairly early tomorrow and go to the south shore and see the ocean. I'm hoping that we'll be able to spend a decent amount of time there without feeling rushed or on a schedule. Schedules always make the time spent before and after overshadowed. I feel like vacations are inevitably and unfortunately a process of this.

We're hopefully going to eat dinner with the Strouds tomorrow which should be great. Christmas isn't long enough to catch up on a years absence.

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