Friday, December 18, 2009

Atlanta (cont.)

The aquarium was amazing. Filled with a menagerie of wondrous creatures. The most of which for me was the weedy sea dragon. Mostly for their mating ritual, which unfortunately they weren't actively engaged in. Weedy Seadragon. The whale shark fell a close second in their massiveness and beauty. Afterwards we ate at Gladys Knights waffle and chicken restaurant which was gluttonous to say the least. The food was entirely of the comfort variety, with sweet yams and cornbread to accompany the mac and cheese and perfectly fried chicken.

We hit up a local coffee house/bar called the java monkey which was lovely and chill. I drank a 10% by volume beer named St. Bernard which was amazingly tasty. All and all an amazing day. Call me impressed by Atlanta and it's surrounding areas.

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