Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Atlanta into Boston.

We spent Sunday morning watching my Sister warm up and scrimmage for the Atlanta Roller girls. The scrimmage was intense! I'd known something of the fierceness of the game, but until you see it you don't really know to what extent. Kirstin is great at Jamming, which essentially is speeding around the pack to score points. You have to weave in and out to get through while the rival team attempts to knock you out or block you. She is quite quick but can handle a large hit without going over which is what inevitably scores points. I was really impressed. I filmed a bit of the practice before the scrimmage, but since it's a corporation of sorts I really wasn't supposed to be filming and was asked to stop. So I didn't get any video of them scrimmaging.

Afterwards we attempted to check out Stone Mountain, but it wasn't entirely what we expected. It cost $10.00 to get in to the park, and additional money to really see or do anything in it. We only had about a half hour to spend there until my dad had to catch his flight, so we sort of ended up just paying to get in to park for a bit and catch a glimpse of the mountain and it's carving from outside the gated areas.

We packed up and hit the road around 9:00 pm. My sister drove us into South Carolina and I took over and let Bea and her sleep. I drove straight through the night and got us through South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and into Maryland before becoming completely warn out. Thank you red bull and five hour energy shots for allowing me to drive like a maniac. I was happy to do it, except that it took at great deal out of me, and didn't give me any opportunity to recoup before reaching Ben and Libby's house.

Ben and Libby live in this amazing farm house with their beautiful children. We visited for a few hours with them and then headed back out on the road toward Boston. The rest of the drive was pretty chill until New York. We hit pretty bad traffic on the George Washington Bridge. It was bumper to bumper for about an hour. We got through it though and made it to Boston about 10:30pm. All and all, not a terribly taxing road trip. We namely rested up yesterday and worked on a few things around the house.

Bea and I did our best... sort of... at putting together a Christmas tree from branches and various lights and ornaments. Everyone says it's nice, but we feel like it sort of looks a child did it. I treated everyone to some Wellfleet Oysters last night to test out our Christmas cocktail, very scrumptious. Then Kirstin made some fresh Pasta and muscles and a goat cheese salad. We didn't eat though until like 1:00 in the morning for some reason. Either how it was all super tasty.

Today we're going to into Harvard Square for a few quick errands and then work on getting the last tidbits ready for Christmas day.

I haven't had chance to upload any video or pictures, but when I do I'll edit these posts to include some of them.

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