Monday, December 28, 2009

Need a new home.

Bea and I are really itching to get out of our house. It's falling apart and run by a slumlord whom garnered so much hatred recently, a radio host in Globe made a 'stick it to wilt' station in a Safeway parking lot whereby listeners were encouraged to come down and stick pin cushions in a voodoo doll effigy of him. Our friends Jeff and Heather are having to move out of their house which is a really nice place, but we've done the math and can't really afford it. I'd like to talk to my dad and see if maybe he can't pitch me the money for the few months until Bea moves back... but I'm not sure he'd be down for that.

Unfortunately, now isn't the greatest time to be looking for a rental property... let alone one in our price range. We just know that we'll likely be stuck in Arizona for another year saving money to go on to wherever, but it would be great to be in a place that's not falling apart and depressing. I need a change in environment in order to change my thought patterns about where I'm going in life.

All I know is that going home to that house is depressing and overwhelming all in the same. I think I may look into it more and speak with my dad.... we'll see...

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  1. i would be sad to go over to my old house. :( im not very happy where i am now