Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas aftermath

Much too much to decompress from. Christmas always seems like this uproarious preparatory event and then it's upon you and over as soon as it starts. The dinner wasn't without drama, but was quite lovely all the same. Seeing the Strouds was wonderful, and meeting my cousin Timon's son was great. My favorite gift has to be a box my mom gave me filled with thousands of childhood pictures and a handwritten note with all the historical details of my childhood. Full names and histories and dates and times of various points I was too young to remember and have no head to remember now. I can't wait to get home and decompress a bit and look through it all. I don't have the mental space here to enjoy the nostalgia of it entirely.

Last minute this morning we found out about a get together at my Aunt's house in Falmouth and despite being a bit under the weather we headed out. It was great to see her and my cousins; it's surreal in some ways because she's become the matriarch of my dad's family and has in many ways taken over many of the roles and mannerisms my grandmother used to do and display. It was nice nevertheless, to catch up with her and visit.

The next few days are going to be pretty jam packed with stuff as we approach our departure on Wednesday. I have mixed feelings as always with heading home. I miss my friends and my animals and comfortable little home... (although, more so the environment I've created there, and not the home itself) I feel though a sense of sadness leaving my mom, and miss the things that made this place home not all too long ago. Childhood is perhaps forever that ghost that reminds you of simpler more free times, when you weren't burdened by the looming threats of adulthood.

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